GL Slim Heatless Curler, Butterfly Claw Clip



  • Create perfect waves & curls with ZERO heat damage 
  • Heatless curler with the most sleep comfort
  • Keep your hair frizz free& prevent breakage
  • Easy to use & can be worn day and night!
  • Round shaped – Giving you round curls, not flat curls
  • Go to sleep comfortably and wake up looking beautiful
  • Suitable for both KIDS & ADULTS


  • x2 handmade scrunchies
  • x1 handmade GL Slim Super Soft Heatless curler
  • x 1 hair claw clip
  • x1 Step by step ‘how to use’ illustration + QR code to an explanation video
  • x1 travel size hair spray mist bottle ( to fill with water)

COMFORTABLE TO SLEEP IN: You should NEVER sacrifice your sleep for overnight curls. We want our brand to prove to you that beauty does not have to come with pain.

POVERTY ALLEVIATION: Helping create jobs for poverty-stricken women who have no other way to feed their children

NO HEAT DAMAGE: Excessive heat application degrades hair’s internal protein structure leading to hair breakage, split ends, and hair loss. Excessive heat also reduces hair’s ability to retain moisture causing it to become brittle and frizzy

EASY TO USE:  Zero skills needed. If you are struggling to use traditional curling wand, our product is made for you! Just place the curler on top of your head, start wrapping and let it work its magic

SAVES TIME: All you need is 5 minutes to create gorgeous, bouncy curls while you get ready or leave it in while you sleep! Say goodbye to taking hours curling your hair with hot tools

PROTECTS HAIR: Our soft, luxurious silky satin rods gently glide through the hair without causing hair breakage or frizziness.

PORTABLE & NO POWER NEEDED: You can use our heatless curler anywhere & anytime. You do not need power to get your dream curls!

SUITALBLE FOR KIDS & ADULTS: Will make getting ready for school easy & fast in the mornings


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